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Dec 10th, 2020






Arati Janoba Patil is an Indian Para-badminton player, currently ranked #18 in the Para-Badminton World Rankings for Women's Singles SU5. Born in Nandgad village in Karnataka, India, Arati actually started playing sports in 2008 as a runner. It was then in 2009 when she decided to pick up a racket and started her career as a badminton player. 

The following year, she started playing at the national level. However, it wasn’t until 2017 where she saw success at the international level. She won a silver medal at her very first International competition with her partner Arbaaz Ansari at the Asian Youth Para Games held in Dubai, UAE! 

Her determination and hard work paid off as she went on to win tournaments. In 2018 she grabbed a bronze medal at the Victor-Denmark Para-badminton held in Denmark and then again in 2019 at the Uganda Para badminton International!

Because of her success, she was among 21 players chosen to represent India in the 2019 World Para Badminton Championship in Switzerland. This year, she’s also participated in the Brazil and Peru Para Badminton International. 

Her success doesn’t come easy. Speaking to The Times of India, she mentions the sacrifices her family had to take: “In the past, my father had taken loans, while my mother sold her jewellery to fund my tours. There have also been philanthropists and well-wishers who have come forward to help me, but the requirements are yet to be met”. But Arati doesn’t give up easily. She says “However, this has not discouraged me in any way. I am hopeful, and I am practising hard for the tournaments.”

We wish her all the best of luck and success in the coming year!


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