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Nov 18th, 2016

Badminton Asia had embarked on the historical feat by having a the Big 7 Asian Countries converging in Kuala Lumpur to discuss and see the various ways and avenues in contributing to the development of the sport not only in Asia but also around the world. The Big 7 countries representatives are namely from China, India, Indonesia Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand.

This is an initiatives from Badminton Asia to have the 7 major badminton playing countries in Asia to sit together and finding the best outcome solution on issues pertaining to the development and future pathway of badminton. Badminton Asia feels that the Big 7 countries can take the lead, to set an example for others in Asia and to share it with others.

The resolutions from this Big 7 Meeting is as follows:


1]         Service Fault                

To remove grey areas with regards to the Service Fault regulations. As the sport becomes more professional, the service fault regulations must be set in a more observable and measurable.


2]         New Scoring System           

The Big 7 Countries will continue testing on 11 points X 5 games scoring, and however, we will do a research and feedbacks. It shall also be backed with statistics to see if the 11x5 is suitable. To ensure that we have the best system is being implemented for badminton, we would also propose that BWF to try the 15x3 format.


3]         BWF Council

The Big 7 countries felt strongly that for more effective representation, all the Big 7 countries should be well represented in the BWF council. This will ensure that interest of the sports of badminton is constantly protected.


4]          Asia Representation 

Badminton faces challenge from other sports, and thus it is vital that badminton must always remain high at ratings. Therefore it is imperative for BWF council to have knowledgeable and experience council.


5]         Tokyo 2020 Olympic

It is utmost important for badminton and therefore it is also important that Japan has a representative in the BWF council.


6]         Match/ Tie Scheduling

The schedule of major events have not been done favourably thus far. Therefore, this meeting we srtrongly resolve that BWF must relook at the way they do the schedule for major events, so that it will be more friendly to players, and also viewer.

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