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Badminton Asia National Umpires Training Course 2020 - Online Q&A Session

Jul 09th, 2020




Badminton has emerged as the fastest racquet sport in the world. It was introduced into the Olympics at Barcelona, Spain in 1996 with a big bang.  An estimated 1.1 billion watched Badminton in that Olympics. There was no looking back thereafter.


It has constantly been rising in popularity – so much so that it has become the second most popular participatory sport in the world, just behind soccer.


This tremendous growth of the sport has been the result of constant work that has relentlessly been put in by Badminton World Federation (BWF) ably supported by the Continental Confederations of Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Pan America.


To match the unimaginable performance of the players on the court, it is constantly felt that the Technical Officials (TOs) have to be very much up-to-date with the Laws and Regulations and also to be extremely alert in a match situation.


So, thanks to the Executive Committee of Badminton Asia and the great support by BWF, ‘Badminton Asia National Umpiring Training Course 2020’ (BANUTC 2020) has emerged as a new concept as such.


The present situation prevailing world over – COVID-19 has its own contribution to this concept. Tournaments are not being held. When the situation does improve, and the normalcy restores, the tournaments would be held at all levels – National and International. The TOs have to perform expectedly at their peak level. This training course is expected to go a long way in helping the TOs across Asia to cope up with the requirements and demands on the court.


Around 110 Umpires across the nations spread over in Asia (who would be attending this BANUTC 2020) would eventually be stepping into the International TO arena after they are groomed in the proper fashion. A strong base would definitely help them to go up the ladder as time goes on. Needless to mention, they are expected to be successful in various Assessments over the years.





These are the topics that are simultaneously applied during any match. The Umpires and Service Judges are expected to be absolutely thorough with the above-mentioned topics to be able to handle any match in a fair and just manner.



Laws of Badminton

This contains the basic Laws that are applicable for the conduct of a match.


Instructions to Technical Officials (ITTO)

These instructions are aimed at standardizing the worldwide control of Badminton in accordance with its Statutes.



This section deals with the standard vocabulary that should be used by the Umpire to control a match. This eliminates the usage of words and worldwide expressions that can otherwise cause confusion.


Codes of Conduct

This section deals with Codes of Conduct for Players, Technical Officials, Coaches and also Code of Ethics.

The aim of these Codes is to ensure that the sport is administered with integrity in a democratic, professional, ethical and transparent way and also to protect the Players’ rights and the respective rights of BWF, Sponsors and the public, etc.


Players’ Clothing

This section deals with the Players’ clothing in general and also the color, the design, the lettering and the advertisements on the Players’ clothing.


All these measures are specified to make the game more attractive and presentable.



All the above topics are essentially a part of the Umpires knowledge bank. They are expected to be extremely alert at all times from the start of a match until the end to see that the match goes on in a fair manner.



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