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Hong Kong China and France replace England and Spain in the Thomas Cup & Uber Cup Finals

Mar 21st, 2018

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There are changes to the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup Finals lineup following the withdrawal of England (men) and Spain (women) from the competition which will be held in Bangkok in May.

England will be replaced by Hong Kong China - next in line with the combined world rankings points of 199, 152 points. Hong Kong China will be seeded 9-16 with Thailand, Russia, Germany, France, Canada, Australia and Algeria.

France (89,126 points) accepted the invitation for the Uber Cup Finals after next in line for qualification after Bulgaria (110,754 points) and England (108,606 points) declined invitation.

France will be seeded 9-16 for the draw alongside Malaysia, Hong Kong China, Russia, Germany, Canada, Australia and Mauritius.

According to the BWF website, Spain, one of the original qualifiers for the Uber Cup Finals withdrew due to injury concerns to some of their players.

The draw for the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup Finals will be held at the Arnoma Hotel in Bangkok on March 22 (Thursday).

China (374,916 points) are the top seeds in the Thomas Cup while defending champions Denmark (320,038 points) are seeded second.

Japan (374, 916 points) are the top seeds in the Uber Cup and defending champions China (308,790 points) are the second seeds.

The Thomas Cup and Uber Cup Finals will be held in at Impact Arena, Bangkok from May 20-27.

                                   UBER CUP
1. China                                                    1. Japan  
2. Denmark                                               2. China
3. Indonesia                                              3. Korea
4. Chinese Taipei                                     4. Thailand
5. Japan                                                    5. Chinese Taipei
6. India                                                     6. India
7. Malaysia                                              7. Indonesia
8. Korea                                                   8. Denmark
9. Thailand                                               9. Malaysia
10. Hong Kong China                            10. Hong Kong China
11. Russia                                               11. Russia
12. Germany                                           12. Germany
13. France                                               13. Canada
14. Canada                                              14. France
15. Australia                                           15. Australia
16. Algeria                                              16. Mauritius

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