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Jul 09th, 2018

Dr. Mya Lay Sein, a well recognisable figure in the sports world, with a long list of accolades and achievements from medicinal practices to government advisor, and even in the men dominated football (in the Asian Football Confederation) tells a lot about this remarkable woman.


This petite lady comes with a strong character wears many hats throughout her years of involvement in sports, namely in football and badminton. She was in the medical panel of IBF (currently known as BWF), and now is also the Deputy Chair of Women in Badminton Committee in Badminton Asia.

While she held many international positions within the sports medical fraternity, her heart still lies very much in her home country, Myanmar. She is the Deputy  Minister for Misnistry of Health and Sport and always trying to build Myanmar as a sporting nation of excellence. She recognises that it is a monumental task, and Myanmar sports had been going through a lot of changes from now on, with more and more international sporting events held there. Dr. Mya highlighted, “there are a lot of talents here, whether it is athletes or sporting officials, but we must provide them the avenue, knowledge and space to grow.”


Recently, Dr. Mya had conducted various seminars in Myanmar on Therapeutic Usage Exemptions (TUE) and the training of doping control officers, all for the preparation of the ASEAN University Games in August. These courses are meant to ensure that the officers are well trained and well informed to ensure the Games to be run on fair play and cope free, in view of having the athletes to perform at their very best.

On the side-line, she also conducted the Launching of Myanmar Fitness Dance, part of the Healthy Myanmar Programme to encourage the general population to live and adopt a healthier and productive lifestyle.


Myanmar will be hosting the Badminton Asia U17 & U15 Junior Championships 2018 for the second year in a row but this time at a new location, the historical city of Mandalay!

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